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Technology Solutions

Virtual CIO

Let us be your Virtual Chief Information Officer

MNS Provider

As your Managed Network Service Provider we can ensure
your company is up and running in the most critical of times.

Security Specialists

Security is one of the biggest concerns for any business.
We have the tools, experience, and knowledge needed to deploy, monitor, and manage security solutions that are recognized as industry best-practice defense measures for today’s threats. Security isn’t something you can implement once and forget about; it needs continual updating, monitoring, and maintenance.

Multi-Function Devices

Whether you need a small desktop print/copy/scan device or you need a larger office MFD,
we have the team to find the best solution to meet your ever changing needs.

Network Equipment

– Firewalls
– Switches
– Computers
– Access Points
– Point to Point Wireless
– and More…

Email Security

– Email Security Gateway Services
– Advanced Threat Protection
– Denial of Service (DOS) Attack Protection
– Email Spoofing
– SPAM and Virus Pre-Filtering
– Email Encryption
– and More…


Are your office phones as mobile as you need them to be, in todays ever changing world?
We have multiple solutions to fit your companies needs

Camera Systems

We can offer a variety of solutions to monitor your valuable business assets.

Access control

Physical Access Control Systems help you control your buildings and assets.

Disaster Recovery

We offer Disaster Recovery services in North East Kansas. We understand that backup and disaster recovery are the core of any operational business. It needs careful planing and a reliable solution to allow you to recover your critical server and resources.

Let us build a custom Disaster Recovery Plan!