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Company Contacts

Location Checklist

Please select all that apply.
*Larger units require a dedicated 20 AMP Power Outlet


A password is applied to the machine to prevent unauthorized changes to the machine functions. Please choose an option below:


To ensure reliable operation we request that you have either a DCHP reservation for the printer or a static IP address outside of your DHCP range.
*If this is a multiple machine installation, please list out all IP's that you would like used, along with the applicable location. i.e. - - Breakroom - Lounge

Printer Driver Configuration:

*NCS will install print drivers on up to 3 machines and train a key operator on the installation process
*NCS will install on server and train key operator how to install on 2 computers

Scan to Email

Scan to Folder

PinPoint Scan

*NCS will install on up to 3 computers and train a key operator on the installation process

Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan

*NCS will create the admin user and train the key operator on creating up to 2 other users in KCPS

Fax Configuration

Fax Forwarding

You can save on paper by having all incoming faxes forwarded to an email address or to a folder on your network. Scan to email or Scan to Folder option must be configured to use the fax forwarding function.