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Client Contact Information
Please list all affiliated companies, if applicable.

During Business Hours Contact Information

(Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm)
If yes, and you do not currently have managed services, NCS will reach out to you to explain these services to you. If no, NCS will contact you at the beginning of the next business day to inform you.

Server Maintenance Information

At NCS, we occasionally need to perform specialized maintenance on your servers which might differ from routine Server Updates like Windows patches. This maintenance is essential for the health of your systems and might sometimes require server reboots. As a result, you could experience brief network outages. Our aim is to minimize disruption to your business. Please indicate below your preferred time frame for such maintenance activities. By selecting a period, you allow us to better align our operations with your business needs. If a preferred time frame is not specified, the maintenance could potentially occur at less optimal times for your company, leading to unexpected disruptions.